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Terms & Conditions

  1. We are providing instructors to teach not the drivers. They should be treated as teachers.
  2. We are target oriented organization, we always prefer target over time.
  3. Driving class is of 30, Minutes subject to the package you want.
  4. The total practical driving course consists of 10 classes.
  5. Classes must will be conducted on alternate days basis.
  6. Full fee should be deposited in advance no refund will be made otherwise 25% of the amount will be deducted.
  7. No relative of student is allowed to sit with the student. it is in the favour of the student.
  8. Picks and drops will be made during driving lessons.
  9. Leave either from our side or yours will not be counted in 10 days.
  10. Sundays and holidays are considered to be off days.
  11. The time will start when our instructor will arrive at your gate.
  12. If you do not want to take today’s class, our office should know it at least 24 hours before.
  13. If our car gets out of order, the office has the right to cancel one / all the classes of the same day.
  14. Students are not allowed to exceed the speed limit of 40 Km/h, or if exceeded only 12 / Km drive is permitted which may be consumed in 15 minutes.
  15. Students can request for the desired route provided the dropping student’s way is the same.
  16. No ornaments or jewelry is allowed during classes.
  17. Any private dealing between the student and the instructor is strictly banned, the office is not held responsible for any false commitment.
  18. If any student wants to take more classes on our car on his/her own car, should directly contact to the CEO Mobile phone number 0344444-57-44
  19. It is only a contract of ten days between student and us, if he/she could not learn up to the mark, the office is not held responsible.
  20. Students may avail their classes within 1 month afterwards office is not held responsible.
  21. Please wear same and closed shoes during all the classes.
  22. If any class is to conducted on off day 10% will have to pay extra.
  23. Classes once started have to finish within 20 days.
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